Weird feeling after adderall

11. února 2012 v 13:33

I am taking Adderall XR 30mg I have weird feeling after not like side effects just maybe kind of lethargic feeling It really gives me energy 1 day off and I had to .
No sharp pains or anything, just maybe a weird, different feeling every now and then. As I've stated, I've only really felt this later in the day after the Adderall is .
Best Answer: that's your bodies way of saying to take it easy! try and limit your drinking to 1-2 days a week now and try not to drink as much. If you do .
I have been on adderall 20mg twice per day for about 4 months now (take the generic 20mg orange amphetamine salt tabs made by barr) and just recently started feeling .
Usually after the Adderall wears off, I feel kind of strung out and not talkative. . The thoughts keep dissapearing suddenly, replaced by that Weird feeling after adderall weird feeling.
Weird feeling after Weird feeling after adderall taking Adderall pregnant if i am. Adderall head tingling, Disable ps3 cinavia on ps3. Need authorization to save host file.
weird Adderall effects. Posted by squier on March 3, 2007, at 21:14:23. Hopefully this doesn . yesterday I took it without any breakfast for the first time and I got feelings .
I took 30mg of adderall XR in my second period class. 20min-30min later it started kicking in and i started feeling happy and . 15 mins later tho i feel fine after .
I am taking Adderall XR 30mg I have weird feeling after if Adderall doesn't make you relaxed and sleepy, if you don't find that you're sleeping BETTER after taking it.
The feeling: Generic Adderall pills will give you a slightly
After Adderall,the void period (13 replies): . my head is feeling weird, and iv had a horrible taste in my Weird feeling after adderall mouth all day?

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